Canon Digital Room Upgrade Kit

Take the cost-effective path to DR by upgrading your existing AMX 4/4+ or Definium 700 Portable X-ray System or your compatible X-ray Systems


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Digital Room Upgrade Kit for Compatible X-ray Systems

Upgrade your existing rooms – with a DR Room Upgrade Kit. As long as you have a compatible X-ray System, you can make the move from CR to DR without having to upgrade your entire room. Choose from a wireless, tethered, or fixed Canon CXDI Digital Radiography System and start taking advantage of DR technology now. Then, upgrade your room when budgets allow.

CXDI Wireless Radiography Systems

(available for Room or Mobile upgrades*)

CXDI Fixed Radiography Systems

(available for Room upgrades only)

CXDI Tethered Radiography Systems

(available for Room or Mobile upgrades*)

CXDI-DC Option

(available for Room upgrades or as a Stand-Alone option for current CXDI
Control Software NE customers whose systems do not integrate with the

The CXDI-DC option, which is sold separately, consists of:

  • A DAP meter* (real time dosimeter) dedicated to measure
    DAP/DAP rate simultaneously, as well as:
    – Cumulative air kerma
    – Air kerma rate
    – Exposure time
  • CXDI-DC software, which allows the CXDI Control Software NE to access
    dose information from the DAP meter and incorporate the information
    into the DICOM® header of the patient image. Dose information can
    also be sent to those users who are compiling dose reports using CXDI
    Control Software NE’s Structured Dose Reporting functionality.

*Manufactured by a third-party


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