Rayence XMARU 1417PGA/PCA

- Advanced auto-trigger signal sensing technology- Ergonomically designed removable handle- Can easily be retrofitted into a wide range of radiography systems- Quick and easy installation


Rayence XMARU 1417PGA/PCA

The 1417PGA/PCA is ergonomically designed with a removable handle that gives the user the option to attach it to either the portrait or landscape position of the detector frame. It can be used in existing x-ray equipment, and its thin dimensions require no modifications to be made to the bucky tray, paving the way for seamless and hassle free digital upgrades. Whether upgrading existing technology or installing a new DR system, the Xmaru 1417 Series is an economical choice for superior image quality.



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Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon with TFT

Scintillator: Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox) or Cesium-Iodide (Cesium)

Active Area: 423 x 358 mm

Active Pixels: 2,816 x 3,328 px

Pixel Pitch: 127 µm

Resolution: 3.9 lp/mm

A/D Conversion: 14 bits

Data Acquisition Time: 3 Sec.

Frame Rate-Interface: 1Gbps ethernet

Energy Range: 40~150 kV

Dimension (W x L X H ): 460 x 417 x 15.9 mm

Weight: Gadox -3.2 kg(7.05 lbs) Cesium – 3.4 kg(7.49 lbs)

Certification: FDA cUL


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