Samsung Ceiling Digital X-Ray GU60A

  • Auto-positioning
    The fully automated swiveling arm can be positioned with a few THU clicks
  • Superior image quality
    Boost your diagnostic confidence with Samsung S-Detector™ and S-Vue



GU60A increases productivity with an ergonomic design that allows higher patient throughput. The system improves image quality with innovative S-Detector™, S-Vue™ and Rotation-type Smart Stitching features. GU60A also supports efficient operation with Auto-positioning and Positioning Help.


Enhanced workflow

Automated and flexible system

GU60A features an ergonomic design that utilizes dual-speed movement to improve user convenience and increase throughput. The fully motorized system allows the unique U-arm to rotate from +120° to -30°, and the Source to Image Distance (SID) travels from 100 cm to 180 cm (39.37 in. to 70.86 in.) to enable examination in various positions. Chest or shoulder X-rays are made easily by rotating the detector 45°.


The fully automated swiveling arm moves to approximately 500 exam positions. The arm can be controlled with a handheld wireless remote control.


Positioning help

Image guides for positioning patients are displayed on the Tube Head Unit(THU) to ensure correct patient positioning before imaging.


Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive icons on the wide, 12-inch touchscreen of the Tube Head Unit (THU) allow users to easily operate the system. In addition, multiple images can easily be captured after checking the previews.


High quality images


Wireless, lightweight S-Detector™ with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose.



Samsung’s S-Vue™ imaging engine delivers dependable and accurate diagnoses through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.


Rotation-type Smart Stitching

A stitched image supports diagnostic clarity more than separated images. Smart Stitching captures two or more images consecutively and stitches them into one larger image.

Operational efficiency


S-Detector™ can be used with detectors from other compatible Samsung DR equipment. This capability enables patient care to continue without interruption.


Patient care

Collision avoidance system

Seven sensors at the Tube Head Unit (THU), swivel arm and receptor can detect the movement of patients and users to avoid collision.

Individual blade control

The 4-axis individual blade control function reduces unnecessary radiation dosage by setting only specific radiation areas as needed. This function is especially useful for pediatric chest examinations.

Dose management

An auto sensor transmits shooting condition data such as AEC* and X-ray dose information measured by the DAP** to reduce radiation exposure, and relevant information is stored on PACS*** for cumulative patient dose tracking.

*AEC : Auto Exposure Control
**DAP : Dose Area Product
***PACS : Picture Archiving and Communication System

Status color coding

Status color coding allows users to view the state of movement according to the color changes in the LED column. This intuitive function to perceive status enables prompt and appropriate handling by users.



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