The Xmaru 1210SGA possesses a wide active image area to accommodate a versatile range of clinical applications found in podiatry, veterinary, chiropractic and extremity imaging.Experience the convenience, versatility and flexibility available only in the 1012WCA.
- Advanced auto-trigger signal sensing technology- Ergonomically designed removable handle- Can easily be retrofitted into a wide range of radiography systems- Quick and easy installation

- Auto-trigger signal sensing technology- No modifications required to be made to the bucky tray- Removable handle

- Battery can be continuously charged when detector is used with a cord

- Quick, hassle-free installation

- Auto-trigger signal sensing technology- Require no modifications to be made to bucky tray- Eliminates the need for the detector to be rotated- Lightweight and thin dimensions- May be fixed or transitioned from table to bucky

- Quick, hassle-free installation

- Auto-trigger signal sensing technology- 17x17 inch dimension provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy- 3.9 lp/mm of resolution assures delivery of sharp, high quality images- Preview time is less than 5 seconds- Grid cabinet, power supply and cables included

- Quick, hassle-free installation

  • Digital Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • High Resolution Images
  • Control Software
  • Enhanced Productivity and Program Imaging Mode
  • Seamless Network Integration


  • Csl scintillator optimizes light channeling:
    Produces high-quality images at a low x-ray exposure to the patient
  • Image Preview within approximately 3-4 seconds after exposure:
    Helping to confirm positioning and minimize unnecessary retakes
  • Fast Data Transfer:
    5GHz and 2.4GHz on 802.11 network
  • Lightweight AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) wireless Detectors
  • Flexible Charging Capabilities
  • IPX7 Rated
  • Sleek New Detector Design, lightweight & Ergonomic detector design
  • Improve Workflow



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