X-Ray Systems

  • Care for your patient
    High quality images with precise dose control
    Care for your workload
  • Streamlined operations with simplified workflow
    Care for your budget
  • Tailored configurations to fit your needs
  • Increased productivity and throughput
    Serve more patients with comfort and convenience using Smart Control
  • Diagnostic confidence
    Rely on GC85A to capture precise, clear images that result in accurate diagnoses with wireless S-Detector™ and S-Align™
  • TReduced operating costs and downtime
    Improve cost efficiency and deliver uninterrupted patient care with S-Share™ compatibility
  • Motorized Auto-tracking
    You can reduce workflow steps by half with Auto-tracking
  • Superior image quality
    Boost your diagnostic confidence with Samsung S-Detector™ and S-Vue
  • Auto-positioning
    The fully automated swiveling arm can be positioned with a few THU clicks
  • Superior image quality
    Boost your diagnostic confidence with Samsung S-Detector™ and S-Vue
  • 40kW generator with 200 kHU X-ray tube and manual collimator
  • Full Console APR to X-ray generator integration with two-way communication
  • 4-wayfloating tabletop (550 lb. weight capacity; 32 x 90 in. tabletop dimensions)
  • One-yearX-ray system warranty (Three-year wireless detector warranty)
  • The XR5 is compatible with all Rayence detectors and advanced Xmaru Image Acquisition software.
  • User-Specific, Automatic Positioning
  • Automatic Collimation with Remote Collimator Control
  • Durable detector assembly with easily removable grid
  • Eleven (11) anti-collision motion sensors
  • Two (2) emergency switches
  • Dynamic Mode graphic display


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