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X-Ray Equipment & Sales

State-Of-The-Art X-Ray Equipment

Whether you are setting up a new office or replacing old equipment, we can help you every step of the way and get you the best equipment for your needs.  Our consultative approach ensures a hassle-free experience from conception to installation.  We work with a wide variety of brands and are able to provide imaging solutions for most types of practices.

California Radiographics offers equipment sales and service for different practice types including:

Hospital Imaging Equipment

Modern X-Ray image processing technology allows depicting the smallest details of the image with the highest quality what improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and simplifies the work of the doctor. Images of soft tissues and osseous structures are analyzed separately after that they are displayed at a time, eliminating the need to find an optimal brightness and contrast ratio for best imaging.

Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment

Chiropractic digital x-ray equipment is now very affordable. Your Chiropractic office can now be converted to utilize fully digital with Digital Radiography (DR) system and Communication System (PACS).

Save time by not having to wait for images to be processed. Digital X-ray gives you immediate results within 3-5 seconds that you view on a monitor. These clinical monitors are high resolution and are made for viewing medical images. The images are stored in a PACS system. The PACS can offer additional options such as real-time consultation over the web.

Orthopedic X-Ray Equipment

Aging population has made today's orthopedic practices busier than ever. Making the transition to digital imaging or upgrading from an existing CR system is essential to meeting the rising demand for increased workflow efficiency and patient throughput.

Our flat panel detectors are designed to satisfy these needs. They are highly efficient, economical, versatile, and possess the flexibility and the ease of use to acquire high-quality images for the views necessary to facilitate an accurate diagnosis.

Fluoroscopic X-Ray Equipment

Real-time x-ray imaging meets high-definition display quality.  Remote control table options, compact versatility and powerful digital acquisition systems based on dynamic flat panel detectors.  Rapid and concurrent movements dramatically reduce patient preparation time and increase workflow.

The use of one single detector for both fluoroscopy and radiography offers an unparalleled range of applications that includes all the most common general radiographic procedures, gastro-intestinal studies, tomography, and vascular studies.

Veterinary X-Ray Equipment

Is it time to get a modern Veterinary X-Ray System?  We have extensive experience in fitting vet clinics with the most innovative and cost-effective x-ray solutions on the market.

The Universal Veterinary System is equipped with an integrated tube stand with variable SID and an anatomically programmed, high-frequency generator providing an all-in-one imaging solution. Our veterinary systems are perfect for the veterinarian who seeks affordability and maximum capability, especially in smaller imaging environments.

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